Mooc Eivasion, multi-cameras as a training tool for health care personnel

Université paris créteil mooc eivasion

During the health crisis, the University of Paris Créteil (UPEC) participated in its own way in the fight against the virus. Faced with a massive increase in the number of patients in intensive care and a shortage of caregivers and doctors, UPEC called on Omnilive to propose an online training tool that could be quickly activated and accessible to the greatest number of people.

What is the MOOC EIVASION ?

To better understand what the MOOC EIVASION is, we must first understand what these acronyms mean:

  • MOOC: Massive Open Online Course, is a type of online training capable of hosting a large number of participants.
  • EIVASION: Innovative Teaching of Artificial Ventilation through SimulatION

The EIVASION MOOC is a free online course open to all. Its objective is to teach artificial ventilation in theory and practice.

Thanks to the multi-cameras, the nursing staff can follow the theoretical discourse while visualising the adapted technical gestures. Artificial ventilation is a very precise technique. The multi-camera system allows to propose different angles of view to observe more precisely the different gestures.

“Multicam provides a synchronous multi-angle view of a scene, which is perfectly suited to a distance learning context in medicine and particularly in critical care, such as that of the Eivasion Mooc (teaching artificial ventilation). Indeed, multi-cameras combined with health simulation allows to generate an immersive teaching environment identical to the one provided at the patient’s bed where the learner has to look at different aspects of the scene.”

Guillaume Carteaux, University Professor – Hospital Practitioner at the University of Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC).

The MOOC EIVASION of the University of Paris Créteil in a few figures :

The University of Paris Créteil then made the EIVASION MOOC available to the AP-HP, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, in the fight against Covid-19.

Today, 129 Omnilive multicam video players make up the EIVASION MOOC. Each video presents artificial ventilation in different conditions and by different trainers. In total, this MOOC offers almost 30 hours of training in multicam format. The first distribution of the EIVASION MOOC allowed the training of nearly 40,000 French-speaking caregivers.

A new session was launched in early November 2022. The 149 multicam videos are still being viewed by many students, doctors and carers, with over 2,500 viewers per month and more than 100.000 enrolled students and personel since the begining.

The results of the University of Paris Créteil

“We are very satisfied with the results, especially since we have been using the Omnilive solution, which has evolved considerably: today we have an administration interface that makes us autonomous and also powerful analytics that allow us to exploit data. Finally, Omnilive has recently been able to integrate subtitle files, a feature that we will soon be using for the French transcription / English subtitling of all the videos in our Moocs, which, on the strength of their success in the French-speaking world, will then be able to be widely distributed internationally.”

Serge Benamram, Multimedia educational engineer at the University of Paris Créteil

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