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How do I produce my first omnilive multiview video ?

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You can use the form on the home page or send us an email directly to the following address:

Whether you are school or a university, an audiovisual or sports rights holder or a brand seeking to acquire and create loyalty with a new audience or an event company wanting to bring innovation to its customers, Omnilive will offer you solutions adapted to your needs.  

We advise you to discover all our demos on this page.
We do not offer a turnkey trial version, however we can discuss your project to answer all your questions and offer you a demonstration: contact us

It is entirely possible to use Omnilive for a single event.

We are able to advise you on our event production partners for the provision of the equipment and the support you may need in the realization of your project.

We work with schools and universities on recording, streaming  and archiving their classes (Initial training or continuing education). We are also present in the art world,where  we offer theaters, festivals and any place of representation to make their shows and events accessible everywhere and in an immersive way.

Absolutely. Our solution is suitable for live but it will also allow you to immediately make video on demand available without the need for post-production.

It is important for us to assist you in your approach. We are here to provide you with our expertise on your project and give you the best recommendations to ensure the best quality.

In all cases, Omnilive is compatible with all audiovisual and computer equipment capable of generating a video signal.
However, depending on your use cases, it is important to think about how you capture information so that your videos live up to your ambition.
For example: if your classroom is already equipped with a videoconferencing system or cameras, if you already have equipment available, there is a good chance that you are already able to produce videos Omnilive.
Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can answer all your questions.

Indeed, the videos produced in Omnilive are played via our video player. This is a standard HTML5 component, which can be integrated into any LMS or CMS. Once integrated, it coexists and interacts with other elements like quiz, conversation or Q&A modules.

Omnilive is a SaaS service or Cloud App based, which means it can be used immediately without any installation. In the same way for your users, the Omnilive video player allows immediate use without downloading or installing external resources.

We work with other French like-minded companies such as Orange or OVH in order to provide you with a quality service and the required expertise.  We are also compatible with the mot of the CDN solution to allow you to stream and engage your audiences anywhere in the world.

This will depend on the complexity of your project. In its simplest configuration, you can create multi-camera content in Omnilive with a simple laptop and a USB-connected Android phone for an additional video source.

A little video knowledge is required. If you are already familiar with the concepts of streaming, video codecs and bandwidth, then a 45 minutes training and onboarding session will allow you to be immediately autonomous.

Our offers take into account the specifics of each project. Whether it’s a one-time operation or a long-term commitment for a small or large audience, our sales team will help you find the best package.

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