Omnilive partners with Globecast to deliver a new livestream user experience

Omnlive et Globcast - Partenaires

Paris, September 29, 2021 – Omnilive, the digital experience expert, has formalized a partnership with Globecast, a global media solutions provider, that will make the multi-POV livestream experience available anywhere, anytime and on any device.

The two French players agree on a similar growth strategy in the OTT market. While Omnilive, through its innovative vision, offers a unique technology that is simple to integrate into microservices, Globecast’s level of technical expertise as well as its reliability and agility in complex contexts are undeniable assets for the current and future projects of both entities. This collaboration will also allow Omnilive to benefit from Globecast’s international reputation to follow its ambitious roadmap.

In addition to the clear advantages for the development of both companies, the partnership will also primarily benefit their customers. First, Omnilive’s multi-viewpoint delivery technology provides a new experience for Internet users. Secondly, the HLS transcoding process and redistribution via Globecast’s CDN services will ensure unlimited international delivery. Audience engagement is the measure of outstanding communication. Omnilive and Globecast offer an integrated end-to-end service that enables their customers to better understand their audience and their behavior. Thanks to the multi-point of view technology, the viewer is interactive and therefore engaged.

This partnership has already proven itself at the Jazz à Vienne Festival last July, where a hybrid livestream was set up (an on-site audience and a digital audience) with a multi-point of view broadcast. Yann Madeleine, Director of Sales at Globecast said, “We are happy to have collaborated with Omnilive on this beautiful cultural event that offers a unique experience to users. This operation is far from being an experiment, it is a real service and we are proud to have once again proven our reliability and responsiveness in the delivery of livestreamed content. Cyril Zajac, CEO of Omnilive said, “For this festival, working with Globecast was an obvious choice in order to ensure a quality broadcast with maximum uptime. Demonstrating such availability and flexibility on the part of a large company like Globecast is particularly appreciated by a startup like ours! Globecast has shown a great deal of agility that has allowed us to adapt our environments to the customer’s needs.

About Omnilive 

Omnilive is a digital video expert, offering an innovative, patented, saas-based livestream experience. The Omnilive video player combines multi-camera interactivity (multi POV) to allow fans to step into the director’s shoes and change perspective at will as their emotions change; while providing producers with intelligent analytics that show hot and cold spots in content and data to help improve engagement and further personalize the user experience.| LinkedIn | Twitter

About Globecast

Globecast helps its customers manage and deliver content according to their needs in terms of modality, geographic coverage and delivery time. The company provides agile and integrated content acquisition, management and distribution services on a global scale, continuously innovating and investing in new technologies to develop new customer-focused services. Globecast has created the world’s leading hybrid fiber/satellite video contribution and distribution network. The company provides all types of video services including OTT TV Everywhere, satellite, cable, CDN and video on demand via cloud-based media solutions. It deploys content acquisition, aggregation and distribution (CAAD) services to over 250 networks. | LinkedIn | Twitter



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