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Yes. We hace a comprehensive license model that will allow you to gain access to  our saas service on a budget.

We also work with several production companies, that we can refer which can help you with your project.

We will assist you all along the way.

Yes, when you produce an Omnilive video, it is immediately available as video-on-demand with no post-production required.

It is important for us to assist you in your approach. We are here to provide you with our expertise on your project and give you the best recommendations to ensure the best quality.

We work with several integrators in Paris and all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact us for a recommendation.

No matter what your use cases are, it is important to think about how you capture all the information.

If your space or studio is already equipped with a videoconferencing system or cameras and control room, or if you already have equipment, chances are that you are already able to produce Omnilive videos.

In any case, Omnilive is compatible with all audiovisual and computer equipment capable of generating a video signal. 

Unfortunately, no. We can in some circumstances work ahead of time to prepare and give you all the guarantee your project  success. Contact us to see if your project qualifies

Yes, the videos produced in Omnilive are played through our proprietary video player. This is a standard HTML5 component that can be integrated into any LMS or CMS. Once integrated, it can interact with other HMTL elements such as quizzes or Q&A modules.

And with a fully  documented API, you can automate some of the process and explore Omnilive full potential.

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