Dave Matthews Band

You always wanted to become a roadies ?

FIA World Endurance Championship – 8hours of Bahrain

5-minute clip for the start of the race © copyright FIA WEC – Sportall

Fort Boyard Challenge

© 2023 TV8 Mont Blanc


F1 Multiview Rebooted

A true Multiview where you can select and change your perspectives ?

League of Legends

Follow your fav champion… Top laner or Jungler. Never miss the action – All the players at the same time – Seamless switch.

Annonce de Jazz à Vienne

Music festivals beyond physical bounderies

When a world renowned jazz festival tries out Omnilive

A night at the Opera

Opéra de Rennes – ND4J – OPERA NIGHT FEVER On the program of this ND4J :Bands – Darcy, Cosmic Concrete, Sons of O’FlahertyThe In Paradisum Choir directed by Désirée Pannetierand the lyrical soloists Carlos Natale, Héloïse Guinard © 2018 Crea  … Read More

This is not liveshopping, but it could have been…

When a legendary manufacturer of audio equipment does an in-house concert… © Klipsh

Annonce de Jazz à Vienne - Partenaire PRADA

Get creative! – Omnilive handles Portrait 9/16 videos

Omnilive know how to handle a different format. When Fashion switch to MultiPOV 9/16 – Demo only When Concert switch to MultiPOV 9/16 > Jazz à Vienne EXtreme MultiPOV 9/16

Not your usual esport tournament

Bring a different perspectives on your competition. Get closer into the action !

Truly immersive Sim Racing!

Get inside the race with Omnilive

Tricks or treats in Multipov…

When Red Bull uses Omnilive… Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2017 : Tomáš Slavík Trial Run © 2017 Red Bull

Behemoth In Absentia Dei Concert

This is what we call a real interactive performance

Behemoth Demo from In Absentia Dei 09/05/2020 – © 2020 – 5B Artist Management

Make it accesible, reach out to a new audience!

Laurence Equilbey conducts Mozart, Beethoven and Weber – With Nuria Rial, Marianne Crebassa, Benjamin Hulett and Johannes Weisser – Insula Orchestra and Accentus © Insula Orchestra

Livetream & Liveshows

Leonie’s 2 Dimes Liveshow Recorded and livestreamed from Studio Daguerre – Paris – on January 4th, 2021 Production : L-Productions

A different perspectives on Theater

Agence Filmaa – ShowReel @Filmaa

What Twitch can’t deliver, Omnilive will…

© 2017 Riot Games – League Of Legends Mid Season Invitational 

Battle Royale on steroïds

Watch a full team and switch to follow your favorite player.

Bring tennis courts into everyone’s living room

Roland Garros – Novak Djokovic vs Diego Schwartzman © Copyright 2017 FRANCE TELEVISIONS