Annonce de Jazz à Vienne

Music festivals beyond physical bounderies

When a world renowned jazz festival tries out Omnilive

A night at the Opera

Opéra de Rennes – ND4J – OPERA NIGHT FEVER On the program of this ND4J :Bands – Darcy, Cosmic Concrete, Sons of O’FlahertyThe In Paradisum Choir directed by Désirée Pannetierand the lyrical soloists Carlos Natale, Héloïse Guinard © 2018 Crea  … Read More

This is not liveshopping, but it could have been…

When a legendary manufacturer of audio equipment does an in-house concert… © Klipsh

Annonce de Jazz à Vienne - Partenaire PRADA

Get creative! – Omnilive handles Portrait 9/16 videos

Omnilive know how to handle a different format. When Fashion switch to MultiPOV 9/16 – Demo only When Concert switch to MultiPOV 9/16 > Jazz à Vienne

Ultra Heavy business case

Heavy tools, Machinery and Industrial maintenance. How can Omnilive address your needs for pre sale customer information. Caterpillar demo only

Not your usual esport tournament

Bring a different perspectives on your competition. Get closer into the action !

Truly immersive Sim Racing!

Get inside the race with Omnilive

Engaging audiences has never been that easy

Follow your fav champion… Top laner or Jungler. Never miss the action  

Industry -Monitoring and Troubleshooting

There are numerous usecases in the industry, where being able to see from all point of view will help you solve problems, save money and time.

Tricks or treats in Multipov…

When Red Bull uses Omnilive… Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2017 : Tomáš Slavík Trial Run © 2017 Red Bull

Behemoth In Absentia Dei Concert

This is what we call a real interactive performance

Behemoth Demo from In Absentia Dei 09/05/2020 – © 2020 – 5B Artist Management

Make it accesible, reach out to a new audience!

Laurence Equilbey conducts Mozart, Beethoven and Weber – With Nuria Rial, Marianne Crebassa, Benjamin Hulett and Johannes Weisser – Insula Orchestra and Accentus © Insula Orchestra

Livetream & Liveshows

Leonie’s 2 Dimes Liveshow Recorded and livestreamed from Studio Daguerre – Paris – on January 4th, 2021 Production : L-Productions

Taking monitoring to next level

Modern Warfare requiers accurate information from all angles of the battlefield. Omnilive doesn’t specialize in this kind of business case, but it was fun to do for a documentary on the special forces. © 2018 Memento Productions

Masterclasses with a twist

Saline Royale Academy Teaser Recording made on September 17, 2019 at La Seine MusicaleDirector: Tommy Pascal – Director of photography: Charles Sautreuil – Cameraman: Pierre Demoy – Voice recording: Julien Ravel – Instrument recording: RIFFX Studio Production : Saline Royale … Read More

A different perspectives on Theater

Agence Filmaa – ShowReel @Filmaa

TEDx – Issy les Moulineaux

TEDx is known for its innovative concept and strong editorial direction. When TEDx Issy-Les-Moulineaux reinvents its live recording, it does so in Omnilive. Filmed and broadcast live from the Microsoft auditorium in Issy-Les-Moulineaux. Excerpt of the conference

Webinars and Keynotes

TEDx is known for its innovative concept and strong editorial direction. When TEDx Issy-Les-Moulineaux re-invents its live sound, it does so in Omnilive. Shot and broadcast live from the Microsoft auditorium in Issy. See you in June 2020 for the … Read More

What Twitch can’t deliver, Omnilive will…

© 2017 Riot Games – League Of Legends Mid Season Invitational 

Webinar 3.0

Since their installation in their new offices located in the heart of Paris, the EPOKA agency has been accompanying companies and institutions for the live and VOD broadcasting of their events.The TV studio and the auditorium have been equipped with … Read More