Omnilive brings you all the camera angles in your living room
Music & Entertainement
The most powerful video player in the world
Omnilive powers Next Gen tournament with all POV for all the gamers
The most gamifying video player in the world
Sports & E-Sports
Omnilive will help you learn better & faster with all facets of knowledge at your fingertip
The most insightful video player in the world
Music & Entertainement
in the world
video player
The most powerful
Sports & E-Sports
in the world
video player
The most gamifying
in the world
video player
The most insightful

Experience Omnilive...
...and never go back to regular digital video!

Press "PLAY" and choose your angle, Swipe Left and Right to cycle POV, Swipe down to bring back the Mosaic.

Interactivity at it's most !

Digital Video can no longer be a Mass Audience experience. Join the Revolution and create a new interactive storytelling for your brand.

Built to empower producers

Whether your are a Brand, a School, a University, a Sport Rights Holder, our team of experts will guide you. Differanciate yourself and lead your industry.

New rules of engagement

By introducing a new way to segment your audience, Omnilive increases engagement on your digital video production by at least 20%.

Audiences engagement is our philosophy!

Define your KPIs and Omnilive will help push back the limits and exceed your objectives.

Users-Centric UX/UI Xperience

Omnilive is a powerfull technology that will help you Understand, Segment, Automate, Retain and Conquer your audience....

Amazing features

This video player is not just merely playing content. By putting every single user in the director’s chair, we change the narrative and create a physical bounding experience between you and your audience

Smeamless Patented Switch

Get up to 9 different angles, choose and change instantly your perspective with our patented Omnilive technology (USPTO, INPI, OEB).

Multitrack Audio

Yes, we also do it with Audio. Get up to 9 in-sync track for simultanious translation or simply to offer a more immervise experience with augmented sound.

Immersive Sound

Working with companies like L-Accoustics, we provide you with the best sound restitution in the world.

Full Saas Access

No limitation, No hassle, you and your team can operate Omnilive whenever you need. This is full autonomy.


Domain locking, Token, DRM... your content is safe with us.

Ticketing integration

We also manage control access to your streams, so that you can easily think about monetization and ticketing.

Wordlwide CDN

Stream anywhere, any device... Omnilive is a priviledged Globecast / Akamai partner to provide you with the best distribution around the world.

Data Analytics Down-to-Each-User

We are changing the paradigm with a new approach: the data is accessible by the second and allows you to have a finger on the pulse of your audience.

Augmented Ecosystem

Since we are at it, we transform the whole ecosystem to help brands build loyalty and win over their audience by automating tailored, real-time interactive experiences per user.

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48, rue Croix des Petits Champs 75001 Paris - France

We are based in the center of the beautiful City of Light : Paris - France. Drop by for a coffee or write to us and our team will get back to you as fast as lighting.