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Creative Technology & First interactive multi camera and multi angle livestream  solution.

Developed in close collaboration with the MIT Office of Digital Learning, Omnilive is a multi-source, latency-free livestream video solution that reinvents your approach to online content creation. 

Concerts, Hybrid Campus or conferences, Omnilive allows you to deliver all multimedia and multi-camera viewpoints and lets your users choose their viewing experience.

More engaging and immersive than traditional video, add a chat, a pdf and ppt document reader or a market place to enhance the experience and optimize your communication. 

Omnilive is a French Patented USPTO / EPO / INPI solution. 

Below, experiment with some use cases: Taratata, TedX Conferences, Klipsch Live Sessions, Mooc Eivasion by the University Paris Créteil, Digital Classsroom of MIT, Webinar by the Epoka Agency, Roland Garros…

Next GenLivestream

Omnilive is a unique software solution 

Live and video on demand, Omnilive is based on a patented graphic process that allows you to change the viewing angle fluidly and instantaneously, without ever losing the other angles, without any latency. Image and sound remain synchronized at all times.

The resulting experience is comparable to “In-Real-Life” experience and makes it possible to imagine a new range of engaging experiences entirely remotely and entirely in video.

By choosing their point of view, each fan and student regain full control, watch at their own pace, increasing their engagement and ability to understand and retain as much information as possible.

Does Omnilive meet your needs? Ask us for more information

Built to empower producers

Rethink the editorialization of your videos, each angle of view becomes a new doorway, each user at the center of your communication and weaving a strong connection with your brand and your online image.

You save time and money, focus on the essential: your users.

Integrate Omnilive into your world

  • You are an artists manager or a label, Omnilive integrates with your ticketing system or a dedicated e-commerce website.
  • You are a school or a university, Omnilive integrates directly into your LMS. As a privileged partner of the Public Interest Group (GIP), France Université Numérique, Omnilive is fully integrated into the platform and ready to use for your MOOCs.
  • You are a Corporate Key Account, Omnilive integrates into your brand ecosystem and with major cloud services and e-commerce platforms.
User Centric

By putting the user at the heart of the reactor, Omnilive allows you to imagine new use cases and give more accessibility to your video content. Omnilive tracks individual paths and gives you access to unprecedented statistics.

Easy integration into your world

All the intelligence is in the video player. Saas or On-premise, Omnilive tools are LTI compatible and simply integrate into any environment and with major cloud services and e-commerce platforms.

A dedicated social area

Each Omnilive player integrates a social space that can host a chat, a PDF or PPT viewer, a sales space for your merchandising.

Livestream around the world, anywhere, anytime

Bring your events closer to your fans, customers and students, push the boundaries of your classroom or meeting room and reach everyone wherever your users are. Omnilive is compatible with most CDNs and offers its own peer-to-peer distribution system to optimize your costs.


Omnilive players are secured on your web page and on your domain. The video streams can also be secured via a system of DRM and disposable tokens.

Produce and livecast at your own pace

Whether you are looking to engage or retain a new audience; whether you are already an expert user, we offer subscription packages tailored to your size or usage.

Omnilive also exists in On-Premise version. In the Cloud (Saas), all your content, videos and data are hosted in datacenters in France and thanks to our partners you can broadcast anywhere in the world with no audience limit.

Contact us for a dedicated on-premise, one-shot or subscription proposal.

Our studio in the heart of Paris (M° Palais Royal) and our auditorium welcome you for a visit and a complete demonstration or to test and realize your first “Omni”-live.

Deploy on your infrastructure, mass produce for all your audience, or use Omnilive in our cloud?

Fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to find a date that suits you and come and see our TV studio and 70-seat Auditorium in the centre of Paris between Châtelet and Palais Royal.