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The 1st Saas Multicamera Video Solution

Developed in close collaboration with the MIT Office of Digital Learning, Omnilive is a tool-based livestream solution using a patented zero latency multi cameras streaming technology that reinvents your approach of online video and distance learning. Livestreaming a view of the teacher and a slides from a single PC or maybe more points-of-view from your classroom in a single video player interface has never been so simple !

With a simple computer, 2, 3 or 4 multimedias sources, produce fully interactive videos that let the user switch perpective and choose to follow your content at their own pace. Provide them with intelligent tools to enhanced their engagement and optimize their learning performance.

Omnnilive is a patented USPTO / EPO / INPI solution. Privileged partner France Université Numérique for the production of your Moocs and ensure the pedagogical continuity of your school.

New generation Livestream

Omnilive is a unique software solution on the market.

Live and on-demand, it is based on a patented an online graphic process that allows you to change view mulitple multi media sources simultaneously and switch instantaneously without any latency and with the sound remaining in sync at all times.

The resulting experience is comparable to classroom experience and makes it possible to imagine a new range of elearning programs entirely in video. By choosing their point-of-view, each student navigated at their own learning rhythm and increases their ability to understand and retain what is most important.

Plug & Play, Simple and Automatic

Create and disseminate knowledge, industrialize the rest.

Thanks to its dedicated "hardware" encoder, Omnilive automatically processes all audio and video streams for you from the moment they are captured until they are put online.

All the captured images are made available to the student, who can choose to focus on a particular angle of view and can thus understand and learn at his own pace.

All the control at your fingertips

Developing your educational engineering in multi-camera video has never been easier. You choose from one to four simultaneous synchronized video sources.

With Omnilive, edit the multimedia sources that best suit your discipline or use case: camera, computer screen, data-visualization tool or several sets of presentation slides.

Anywhere on any tablet or mobile device

Simple, versatile and intuitive, Omnilive is compatible with all terminals and offers a more engaging and seamless out-of-the-box user experience.

Differentiate yourself, create a unique brand image in training and continuing education: Onmilive does the rest.

Broadcast all around the world

Push the boundaries of your classroom or meeting room and reach out to your students, employees or customers wherever they are.

The Omnilive experience replicates the classroom experience as closely as possible and allows you to create a seamless learning or information sequence on video just like in a lecture or conference.

Does Omnilive meet your needs? Ask us for more information

Experience a TEDx conference in Omnilive!

Built to empower teachers

Re-edit your courses and Moocs.

Omnilive allows you to redefine your learning paths on video.

In blended learning as a revision tool or in e-learning, synchronous or asynchronous, Omnilive simplifies audiovisual production, reduces budgets by eliminating post-production costs and accelerates online publishing.

You save time and money and you can focus on what matters most: your students.

User Centric

By putting users at the heart of the reactor, Omnilive allows you to imagine new use cases and to make your video content more accessible. Omnilive tracks individual paths and gives you access to unpublished statistics.

Easy HTML integration in your LMS

All the intelligence is in the video player. Saas or On-premise, Omnilive tools are LTI compatible and integrate easily into any HTML environment.

FUN Mooc: Official Resource

As a privileged partner of the France Université Numérique, Omnilive is fully integrated into the platform.

Go to our "Pricing" page for a dedicated proposal.

Saas or On-Premise...

...Omnilive adapts to your needs

Saas with unlimited hosting and storage

Datacenters based in France, 4K resolution, worldwide publishing and livestream, up to 10,000 simultaneous users guaranteed by default, unlimited hosting and storage, Omnilive offers the same capabilities as a consumer video distribution platform.

Thanks to our subscription offers, you stay in control of your budgets without compromising.

Adapted to your specific needs

Your content is confidential and you need to stay in control, Omnilive integrates perfectly into your infrastructure.

Take complete control of your production and broadcast chain.

Choose the license package that best suits your needs.

"Omnilive solves all our major video problems in terms of time and budget investment. We are able to reach any of our clients wherever they are and provide them with the information they need".
Guillaume Du Poy
Agence Epoka