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«This is BONKERS! Seriously, how cool is this? An interactive video with multiple choices of camera, bloomin' wow!...»

Can’t go to the shows, we bring them to you !

Create immersive liveshows directly in your fans living room and bring them on stage for a true interactive and engaging experience with the bands.

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MultiPOV power!

MultiPOV videos & interactive livestreams that let fans become the director.

Keep audiences engaged with realtime analytics that let you see your hot and cold POV and give you the ability to tailor video at will and allow fans to get the best angles of the show.

Add interactions to bring distant fans on stage and create value where regular livestreams can't.

Easy as pie !

By putting your fans in the director 's chair, unlock the power of iOT technology and bring value where classical livestream can't.

Customize Liveshows

Put the fans centerstage with multiPOV camera and the ability to also pick their audio POV, live karaoke and more

Live Interaction & custom branding

Create a unique viewing experience that brings fans closer at home and at your venue and give artists the opportunity to engage both audiences at the same time.

Monetize events creating a data drive experience, gain the ability to explore new up-sale, cross-sale channels like custom merch, in-app subscription and give your sponsors a premium access to a new engaged audience.

Connect Fans IRL & Abroad

Bring liveshows in their living rooms ! Let audiences become part of the live experience and create their "venue-at-home" with friends.

Retain Attention & Engage

Secure a premium experiences with build-in authentication, customer support and multichannel chat rooms.

Real-Time analytics

Transform your video livestream into an powerfull iOT component and get insights during events to improve segmentation & engagement.

Superfans love it !

Omnilive is a truly unique experience. See what they said !

"I just gotta say it once more/ it was truly a mind blowing experience. Thnak you for this and at the rest of the music world: this is how you pull off an immersive live streamed concert"
Usa, New York
"This is the first time I go to a concert with slippers on and because of multiple choice of close ups , I can see so much better than if I was in the venue."

"For as long as we aren't able to attend show in person I'm 100% willing to pay for more events like this..."


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